FAQs - Vegan Fantastic!

FAQs – Vegan Fantastic Plant Based Protein


What Is Vegan Fantastic?

Vegan Fantastic is a premium quality plant-based protein powder. It is dairy free, and contains no GMOs, Gluten, or Soy. Vegan Fantastic is unflavored and contains no sweeteners, flavors, fillers or anything artificial. It is ideal for people looking for an unflavored vegetarian or vegan protein powder.


How Is Vegan Fantastic Different from Other Plant Proteins?

Vegan Fantastic is different in that it uses Chickpea Protein as the main source of protein. It also has a very level of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) compared to virtually all other vegetarian proteins (5.7g per 34g serving).


Why Do You Use Chick Pea Protein As The Primary Protein Source?

We use chickpea protein because it is much cleaner tasting, less gritty and mixes better than pea, rice, hemp, and other plant proteins we have tried. We think it makes a better tasting and more appetizing protein shake.


Is Vegan Fantastic Organic?

No. However, Vegan Fantastic includes organic pea protein and organic rice but, at this time there is not an organic chickpea protein available. Chickpeas have never been genetically modified and are gluten free. They are also more sustainably grown than many other plant proteins since they need less water than many other crops.


What’s in Vegan Fantastic?

The ingredients include chickpea protein, organic yellow pea protein, organic rice protein, BCAAs (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine) from vegan sources, and sunflower lecithin. No added fillers, binders, flavors, sweeteners, or other unnecessary ingredients.


Who Is Vegan Fantastic For?

Vegan Fantastic is perfect for anyone that wants to add more protein to their diet from dairy-free plant-based protein. It is safe for kids as well as adults. It is perfect for use in weight management or to provide the amino acid building blocks for lean muscle.


How Do I Take Vegan Fantastic?

The easiest way to use Vegan Fantastic is in a protein shake or smoothie. It is unflavored and unsweetened so that you have complete control of the flavors, sweeteners and other ingredients you put into your body. Vegan Fantastic can also be added to other foods to fortify protein levels. Visit our recipes section for delicious recipes using Vegan Fantastic.


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